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Ottoman Occupation

Ottoman, French, Austrian, Russian and British post offices operated from Beirut.


An official dispatch to the French Ministry of Marine from Admiral Verney, the senior naval officer on the Syrian coast, stated:
"The French Division in Syria entered the port of Beirut about 6AM on October 7, amid the indescribable enthusiasm of the population".

On October 10 the British War Office announced:
"French and British war-ships entered the port of Beirut on October 6, finding the town evacuated by the enemy. On October 7 British armoured cars, preceding our cavalry and infantry columns, arrived, and on October 8 the advanced detachments of British and Indian infantry occupied the place, bring received enthusiastically by the inhabitants. The number of prisoners taken by the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (exclusive of those taken by the Arab armies) has risen to 75,000"

French Occupation (1919 - 1924)

Common stamps with Syria, traditionally listed under Syria in catalogs. The first issue overprinted in Beirut is extremely rare. These are primarily French stamps overprinted T.E.O (Territoires Ennemis Occupes) and O.M.F. (Occupation Militaire Francaise)
Postage stamps used on mail in Syria and Lebanon were separated by decree No. 2342 of 17.12.1923.
After January 1st 1924, stamps were overprinted by the word "Syrie" for the Syrian Federation and by the word "Grand Liban" for the stamps of Lebanon.
The stamps overprinted "OMF Syrie" or "Syrie-Grand Liban" were withdrawn from circulation on December 31 1923; they were valid to be used on the mail until February 15, 1924.

Greater Lebanon (1924 - 1928)

Lebanese Republic (1928 -)

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